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The "From The Beginning" Book Bundle is HERE!

Grab your copy of The Beginning of three FIVE STAR series by K Sherrie.  For one discounted price you get 3 paperback books, free shipping and a special gift. This offer is only available from this page.

While most chicks aspire to be on the boss's arm, Keeli Byrd set out to be the boss.

Born with hustle in her blood and destine for greatness, Keeli sets out to become the most notorious female drug dealer in American history….. But it’s not by choice, its by necessity.

With her 3 best friends as her backing, her cousin as her coach and the streets as her backdrop Keeli starts her mission. 

During her reign as Queen, she faces countless obstacles including fake friends, snitches, family issues, crooked cops, enemies, love & addiction. 

It  aint all bad….. But it aint all good either. The question is “in the end… was it all really worth it?

You be the judge

Meet Marissa "Mikki" Washington.

Today is her wedding day, what should be the happiest day of her life. Unfortunately, it's not.

As Mikki and her family prepare for her stroll down the aisle to become Byron's wife, she spends most of the day reminiscing over the past 15 years she spent as Meeko's girl.

Torn between the temptations of her past and the allure of her future, Mikki spends her day on an up and down rollercoaster of emotions, praying that her walk down the aisle doesn't lead to biggest mistake of her life.

Marrying A Man nobody believes she loves.

Will She?

Raynard and Kintessa Blackwell are newlyweds. They fought a long and hard road from their first meeting to the "I Do's", complete with drama worthy of a Monday night reality TV show.

 It's taken years for Raynard to see the gem he has in Kintessa, but now that he finally has and made her his wife, life is picture perfect....

Until a trip to the grocery store attempts to shatter that picture.

A blast from Raynard's not so distant past, Tamika lives in a delusional world where it is her and Raynard forever. She is determined to make him see that she's the one for him and being pregnant with his child is proof of that.

Raynard quickly finds himself being pulled in two different directions, trying to be the husband his wife deserves while trying to be the father his child needs. While Kintessa struggles to figure out if she can handle this package deal.

Being married to a man with a child is hard, but being married to a man with a BABY is damn near impossible.

"From The Beginning" Book Bundle