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Mark your calendars for December 14th

Mona Leesa Ellison’s Christmas joy is incomparable. Since a child, the magic of Christmas was always able to make everything that was wrong in her world feel so right; even if only for a little while. Now, every year she goes above and beyond to gift the perfect day to those she loves most. However, this year the seven foot Christmas tree, catered dinner and over priced gifts only serve to mask the hurt and disfunction in Mona Leesa's marriage.

Down to the wire in holiday preparation, an unexpected phone call and a simple trip to the mall becomes the thread that completely unravels Mona Leesa's picture perfect life.

The snowballing effect of too many secrets, too many lies and a whole lot of betrayal steals her holiday joy and leaves her with nothing but anguish and chaos. Her once perfect Christmas quickly spirals into into a holiday horror, complete with a viral video, that she will never forget.

Welcome to a heartbreaking Christmas; the story of Mona Leesa's Tears.

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