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There is a space for everyone in this world...

This is mine.


The Woman Behind the Pen

K. Sherrie is an independent urban fiction author from Washington DC. Her first release Queen of DC: It's Not Just A Boys Game Anymore hit the shelf in June 2014. Since then, she has successfully penned and published 15 Novels crossing the genres of Street Lit, Urban Fiction, Urban Romance and Urban Erotica. In 2021, K Sherrie became 1/6 of the Prolific Pens with the release of the best selling anthology The Sins of O.G. In 2022, K Sherrie’s lifelong career as an educator lead her to explore the avenue of Children’s Literature. With the creation of the pseudonym J.J. Sam, her first children’s book Can Brown Girls Be Unicorns? was released.

Before ever considering becoming a writer, K Sherrie loved books and remains an avid reader to date. In 2020 she revamped her review brand and launched In Review with K Sherrie which provides unsolicited reviews via Amazon, GoodReads, Youtube and Social Media. K Sherrie also shows her support to fellow authors via her bookclub Straight Outta DC Bookclub which she founded in 2016.

When not immersed in literature, K Sherrie enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, listening to music, splashes of wine, smelling candles, buying planners and laughing.

Happy National Poetry Month!

One of the ways that I love to keep my pen sharp between novels is writing poetry.  It's not often that I share, as I've always seen my poetry as something just for me. However, this year in honor of National Poetry Month (April 1st - April 30th) I will be sharing readings of my poetry here and on my social media pages. So if you are not following me already, simply slide on over to the left of this paragraph and let's stay connected.  Who knows, your next favorite poem my be sitting in my pocket.